EiBi Kurzwellen-Hörfahrplan (Winter 2023/2024) Letzte Änderung: 29 Feb 2024
The current EiBi shortwave schedules (Winter 2023-2024) Last update: 

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 BC-B23  FREQ-B23
CSV database
eibi.txt for Perseus users
(This is the same as the freq-b23.txt)
zip file for Radio Explorer (download and point RE to this zip file)
README.TXT: Conditions of use, language and transmitter codes (B23)

Programme von Drittanbietern Third-party programs
SWList App for iPhone and iPad by Stefano (sramp)
MagicSDR App Shortwave Guide
Radio Explorer
EIBIview (by Tobias T2) (zip, v3.0)
Guindasoft lister
MAGNA (Chuck Bolland, KA4PRF)
Black Cat Systems: iPhone/Android app / DX ToolBox
Radio Stations List for PC/iPhone/Android/PocketPC (in Russian)
EiBiManager (by Vincent Vi)
Skill for Amazon Alexa users in the UK, in the USA, Australia, and Canada (by Mark Hirst; watch the YouTube demonstration)

Eike Bierwirth, Wiesbaden, Germany

Contact: Email firstname dot lastname at gmx dot de
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Legal information and Privacy Policy

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