EiBi Kurzwellen-Hörfahrplan (Winter 2023/2024) Letzte Änderung: 7 Nov 2023
The current EiBi shortwave schedules (Winter 2023-2024) Last update: 

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 BC-B23  FREQ-B23
CSV database
eibi.txt for Perseus users
(This is the same as the freq-b23.txt)
zip file for Radio Explorer (download and point RE to this zip file)
README.TXT: Conditions of use, language and transmitter codes (B23)

Programme von Drittanbietern Third-party programs
MagicSDR App Shortwave Guide
Radio Explorer
EIBIview (by Tobias T2) (zip, v3.0)
Guindasoft lister
MAGNA (Chuck Bolland, KA4PRF)
Black Cat Systems: iPhone/Android app / DX ToolBox
Radio Stations List for PC/iPhone/Android/PocketPC (in Russian)
EiBiManager (by Vincent Vi)
Skill for Amazon Alexa users in the UK, in the USA, Australia, and Canada (by Mark Hirst; watch the YouTube demonstration)

Eike Bierwirth, Wiesbaden, Germany

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Legal information and Privacy Policy

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